Welcome the Skyrim Survival GuideEdit

If you're stuck with anything from annoying, stamina-sucking ice attacks to the Trolls from Hell. Well, sir/missy! This is your lucky day! This is THE Skyrim Survival Guide! Have fun with Skyrim and this Survival Guide! It has possibly anything you need! So here are the basic parts of the Survival you'll read later on.

Playin' With Fire, Ice, and ThunderEdit


Basically, you automatically get your first fire attack like the flame spell. They're useful on enemies when you seriously want it/him/her to die. When you use fire attack on an enemy, you're giving extra damage to your enemy after you use the fire attack.


It's useful, but it's also annoying for you too. When you ice attacks on an enemy, it'll cause the enemy's stamina to drain quickly or some ice attacks can take 50% of the enemy's stamina. Be aware of mages using that attack against you if you're sprinting or planning on using a power attack; an attack that's so annoying to you will drain your stamina.