Before We Get StartedEdit

Okay, you start from where you're done at the Imperial City Prison escape in the beginning of the game and you give Jaufree the Amulet of Kings or you do the Jaufree part later if you want.

Where's Cheydinhal?Edit

So you find Cheydinhal near Morrowind. When you go the west side gate of Cheydinhal, you go find some people (that's my suggestion).

How Do Get the Quest?Edit

Go to "Rumors" on the bottom of the choice if you randomly pick an Orc or any type of character, then you get the quest.

TIP: It's 75% chance to get the quest. But if you get the Painter's Disappearance quest, you'll try ask another town-person for this quest.

Garris, You're Our "Only" HopeEdit

You head to the dark elf lady who can be seen wondering around the east side of Cheydinhal or maybe in her house next to the drunk dark elf guy's house that you'll meet up later. When she explains the details to you, your quest gets updated and you go see Garris, the Imperial guy who's thinks something's up with the Guard Captain Ulrich in the castle. The castle is next to the merchant's shop and the bridge you go across the river on.

Oh My God! They Killed the Poor Dark Elf! You Monsters!Edit

You get the info from Garrus on bringing the drunk dark elf, who's most likely located at the south side of Cheydinhal. You talk to him and you go find that dark elf. You talk to him and he'll start telling you to follow him to his house. Now, you see the horror! Since you saw the poor guy die from getting killed by a guard, you go tell the lady, then Garris. So there's two choices to make in this game. I end up doing the part where I get the letter from his room without getting caught.

First Choice: Take the Letter and Run to GarrisEdit

If you want to do the part where you go to Ulrich's room in the barrack next to where you came from inside the court hall. You go to the door next to the stairs. You need to note that Ulrich isn't in there, 'cause if you don't want to be caught by HIM. You go to the letter, which is located at the top of a book next to where you come in. Then you leave and go to Garris with letter, which you'll give him later on. Then you head over to the hotel that has 2 large doors next door to the hotel with one small door. Then you fast forward to 2 hours, then he'll appear and then he'll explain to you that he's a Guard Captain.

TIP: My advice is that you wait for Ulrich to leave his room around 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM, then you go enter his room to take the letter.

Other Choice: WATCH ULRICH DIE!!!Edit

Yep, simple, but bad for the dark elf lady too. You go up to Ulrich, if you spot him, talk him about going to her house (as it says where she can be at), and you make him follow you to the location. Now, you watch him die, then you can take all of his stuff or leave his dead body alone.