Before You'll Fight Three TonberriesEdit

Okay, before you'll go fight three Tonberries, you gotta to do some practice by fighting one Tonberry. First you go to the Red Cieth Stone which has a "Zenobia quest". Although, you end up fighting a Tonberry, 'cause he got rid Zenobia for you.

Party Set-Up Before Fighting One TonberryEdit

So, make sure you put Fang or Vanille as a leader, then put in Lightning, Hope, and/or Vanille as the members. My biggest suggustion is to put Fang as the leader, and put Hope and Vanille as the members. After you set-up Fang, Hope and Vanille, you start with the first set. Although, I edited all the three sets, so that's one big idea I've figured that you'll do. The first set, you put Fang and Vanille as SABs, and Hope as RAV, then you change up the second set for Fang as COM, and Vanille and Hope as RAVs, finally the third set for Fang as COM, Vanille as RAV, and Hope as MED, or Fang as SEN, Vanille as RAV, and Hope as MED. Then you go mark the first set (SAB/SAB/RAV) for the beginning.


Master Tonberry in WATERMELON

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The mark is located next to the Goblins, which is on your left. Oh yeah, don't forget that there's a cutscene before the battle too. You can either watch it or not. If you seen it, you can skip it.

How to Defeat a TonberryEdit

Since you set-up Fang and Vanille as SAB, plus Hope as RAV, this is only for the beginning of the battle. You use Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, Poison, and Curse on the Tonberry. You can tap on the auto-command if you felt like it. Then you switch to the second set (COM/RAV/RAV), and you keep tapping on the auto-command until it's defeated. The interesting part is that it has 7500 CP, and it'll give you some cool stuff. But if you fought it once, you'll end up having bomb shells anyway. If you're lucky, you'll get the Tonberry Figurine. If you have some people wounded, you switch to the third set (COM/RAV/MED or SEN/RAV/MED), then you'll get healed up, and you switch back to the second set.

THE REAL THING!!!!! :D :3Edit

Now, you're ready to kick some Tonberry butt. Instead of Fang as the leader and having Hope in the battle, you gonna put Lightning in the battle as the leader. So, before you fight them, you gotta set them up.

The Sets For Fighting 3 TonberriesEdit

First SetEdit


Second SetEdit


Third SetEdit


Fourth SetEdit


Now Fighting Them!! :D :3Edit

Okay, you should make all three be SABs since it's quicker having one or two (first set). Anyway, once you got one or more Tonberries look weak to you, you switch to the second set (RAV/COM/RAV or COM/COM/RAV) to beat every single one. Be warned, 'cause if one of them unleashes a very deadly ability to give your party members' HP to drop pretty low, you should switch to the third set (RAV/COM/MED) or the fourth set (RAV/SAB/MED or SAB/SAB/MED). If you don't, you might end up losing the fight. If you have the fourth set on, you'll most likely put a lot of weakening the Tonberries and healing your party members. After you done it, you switch back to the second set. When you defeated them, you'll get a Tonberry Figurine, if you're lucky to get it. If you're lucky to sneak attack them, turning invisible is a good idea.